Save Point Tavern in Sacramento, CA


If you are in or around the Sacramento, CA area, check this kickstarter out!

It is basically a gaming bar catered to your gaming needs!

If you aren’t in the area, you should still check it out!
I would plan a whole vacation around some nights filled with whiskey, table top gaming and arcade games!

Gamers? Check it out! 


"Ice Glazers".  Donuts filled with ice cream.  Oh sweet relief from this horrid heat!

Yes, these are real. You can Thank Baker’s Dozen Donuts for creating perfection. GO HERE:

Meet Sim Bhullar, First Indian to Sign With the NBA
Gursimran “Sim” Bhullar has become the first player of Indian descent to sign with the NBA, having signed a free agent deal with the Sacramento Kings on Thursday (Aug. 14). The full terms of that deal have not yet been released, but it is known that Bhullar will join the Kings in t…

Super cool! Check it out!

The Ziggurat Sacramento, California

I have always thought this building was so cool. 

Amgen 2014 by jsukopp on Flickr.